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Grow Capital is a highly regarded consulting company specializing in investment and wealth management. Our experienced team is focused on delivering dedicated exceptional service and solutions that will assist our clients with sound and vetted investment diversification.

We have an impeccable track record of connecting investors to the viable businesses and a multitude of investment opportunities in Georgia, and maintain a leveraged presence and relationship with banks, investment funds and governmental agencies.

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Grow Capital offers an extensive range of diverse and lucrative investment opportunities in different countries. This includes equity in or outright purchase of ongoing successful businesses, seed funding start-ups, commercial and private real estate opportunities and financially diversified deposits with the highest yield interest rates available.

Our team exclusively offers total support in the initiation and management of diverse investment options, which includes the complete process of discovery, negotiations, preparing financials and totally supports and is involved in the negotiation process between the representatives of the businesses and investors.


After diligently researching and qualifying the appropriate opportunity, our highly skilled and leveraged management team will assist our clients in meeting their financial objectives by also providing income, return enhancement and inflation protection.

The Grow Capital’s team of highly experienced and vetted professionals has an exceptional background in banking, marketing, sales and finance and are often invited by different businesses as consultants for the growth and expansion of the companies being invested in.


Grow Capital Grow Capital provides wealth management services with the a long-term dedicated approach to investing and has been providing exceptional financial solutions to businesses, organizations and individuals.

Our team offers solutions with a broad range of options to suit every investment need.

The majority of our global clients are institutional, but our diverse base also includes independently wealthy individuals, family trusts, highly successful businesses and retired corporate executives. We are proud of our family of loyal customers and we strive continue to build long-term business relations with them.


Grow Capital offers comprehensive personal finance tools and solutions with diversification strategies for investment and savings goals.