The International Financial Institute - Equfin (before rebranding of the company  - Continentalcc Capital) is represented in four countries today and intends to enter many other countries' financial markets. Continentalcc Capital was created in 2012 and incorporates financial companies in various countries. The company is rapidly and steadily increasing its market share in the financial markets of Spain, Ukraine and other countries and establishing the highest standards of service. One of the key priorities of working with Equfin is financial transactions with complete transparency, credibility and a high reputation of the company, which every client feels, even though Equfin largely serves its clients remotely, as most of their clients are diversified worldwide. Grow Capital, along with Equfin, has attracted several million dollars from foreign investors, whose satisfaction is systematically investigated and maintained  by Grow Capital and Equifin.

Property Georgia is an international real estate expert platform and hub. A team of experienced professionals from the company provides expert consulting  and advice to customers in real estate investments together with Grow Capital. Property Georgia’s consulting is based on constant research of the real estate market.

Germany based Internationalization & Investment consulting firm GoodbyeMatrix’s founder Sergio von Facchin and the successful management team members of his group help their clients safeguard and diversify their assets, residencies, second citizenships and company structures worldwide with the concept of flag theory. GoodbyeMatrix offers favorable investment opportunities in a variety of ways, and helps new and already successful businessmen expand and grow on a global basis.